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The alluring Green Catbird is quite stunning. It has bright green plumage, with distinct white markings at the end of feathers and arrow shaped spots on its throat and belly.Catbirds are monogamous – they meet, mate and stay together for life. The male tends to the female during breeding, protecting her and feeding her while she looks after the nest. This painting was created using watercolour and acrylic mediums. Watercolours are applied as an initial wash on the entire board. Handmade stencils are used to create textural leaves and figs. Several paint layers are applied and sanded back to reveal previous colours. Sealed and acrylic varnished for a satin finish. 60x60cm mixed media on birch wood, (2cm depth).  Unframed, ready to hang.

Catbirds in Fig Tree

  • Care Instructions

    Wipe occasionally with a soft, non-chemical cloth to remove dust. Do not use sprays or mositure to clean.  Keep out of direct sunlight. For indoor display only.

  • Shipping Information

    Currently, free shipping to Australian addresses.  Hand delivery to certain locations available. Inquire by email. 

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