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A small eucalyptus bush in full bloom, with the leaves which, as with many gum trees, present themselves not in one colour, but various hues from green to brown. The blossoms are gossamer sprays of iridescent colour ranging from pink to gold to white, depending on where the sun settles. This painting was created using layering of acrylic mediums. Hand made leaf stencils provide the relief in various leaves. Pen and ink are used to recreate the dainty filament of the flower. The painting is sealed and varnished with an acrylic polymer varnish for a satin finish 60 x 70cm mixed media on birch wood panel, (2cm depth).  Unframed, ready to hang.


  • Care Instructions

    Wipe occasionally with a soft, non-chemical cloth to remove dust. Do not use sprays or mositure to clean.  Keep out of direct sunlight. For indoor display only.

  • Shipping Information

    Currently, free shipping to Australian addresses.  Hand delivery to certain locations available. Inquire by email. 

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