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Fine art Giclee printed on 310gsm 100% cotton rag paper.


Laughing Kookaburra loves to perch on high, surveying the landscape with sharp eyes, ready to dive for an unsuspecting lizard, grub, yabby or mouse. Her partner, a mate for life, is within laughing distance and as dusk falls, we can hear them calling to each other, along with other kookaburras, creating the iconic Australian chorus.


Here, autumn has arrived and leaves curl and drop leaving room for new growth in the distant spring. Leaves of the eucalyptus in this piece have been created using stencils and textural acrylic mediums. Watercolour and inks are used to invoke variegated leaf shades. Kookaburra is also defined with stencils and mediums to give an effect of feathery scales. The piece is sealed and varnished with several layers of polymer acrylic varnish for a durable satin finish.

Fine Art Giclee: Lookout

  • Care Instructions

    This print requires framing behind plexiglass or other means to protect the piece from dirt and light.

  • Shipping Information

    Shipping within Australia by mailing tube $20.  

  • Size

    Unframed 60x60cm with 5cm white border, signed and numbered by artist.  Other sizes (and prices) available upon request.

  • Additional sizes

    Other sizes available upon request, starting at unframed 30x30cm (with 5 cm border) $120

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