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Climate Change, Blah, Blah, Blah... Fine art Giclee printed on 310gsm 100% cotton rag paper.  Available in various sizes.   This work represents the potential legacy of devastation if we continue on our current path. Uncontrolled fires and floods, loss of natural habitats and reduction of biodiversity. Or, could it be a turning point – regeneration of resources and habitats which will allow species, vulnerable to extinction, like the iconic koala, to thrive. It remains to be seen what humanity’s legacy will be.


This piece uses palimpsest techniques whereby newspaper weather reports are burnt and used as collage pieces to represent bushfires. The burnt pieces are revealed in not only the background, but also, in the shape of the koala, reiterating that flora and fauna are equally devastated by fire.

Fine Art Giclee: Climate Change, Blah...

  • Care Instructions

    This print requires framing behind plexiglass of other such means to protect from dirt and light.

  • Shipping Information

    Shipping via mailing tube to Australia addresses $20.  Hand delivery to certain locations available. Inquire by email. 

  • Size

    Unframed, 60x60 cm (24" x 24") with additional 5cm white board, signed and numbered by artist on 300 gsm cottom rag paper.  Additional sizes available by request.

  • Additional sizes

    Other sizes available upon request, starting at unframed 30x30cm (with 5 cm border) $120

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