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In this painting, mangoes hang perilously off long branched panicle tendrils. Sweet, juicy, lusciously heavy and curved fruit, would fit comfortably in the palm of one’s hand. Purples of twilight are just beginning to seep into view. If you look closer, you’ll see beneath the fruit and leaves layered textures created with rice paper and imprints of stencil letters and shapes. Mixed media on wood panel. 50x50cm, 2cm depth. Sealed and wax varnished for a satin finish.

Mango Tree

  • Floral Invades Life Details

    Acrylic mixed media on 50x50cm (2cm depth) wood panel.  Part of the Floral Invades Life series.  Media includes acrylic paint and mediums, watersoluable mediums, and textural collage using fabric, mediums or paper. Sides painted light grey, wax varnished, unframed, ready to hang. 


    If not completely satisfied, return within 14 days for a full refund. 


    Currently free shipping within Australia. International orders by request.  Delivery and pick-up available - please enquire for details. 

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